Our goal is to create 1,000 profitable deals. 

Cristina Ortega

Who are we?

Cristina and Tricia met over their mutual love for real estate. Along with her business acumen, Cristina strives for excellence through a committed, organized and goal-oriented approach to the real estate business. Since 2002, Tricia has been a top performer in corporate sales and a valued partner to her clients.  Both women approach the real estate business the way they approach everything in their life—with kindness, honesty, tenacity, and a commitment to do right by those around them.  Together, they bring savvy business styles and fresh marketing ideas to Southern California real estate as well as other regions in the nation.  They are an unstoppable team working together to source the best deals all over Los Angeles and Southern California!

Tricia Watts

Tricia is also a real estate agent and brings tremendous value with property valuations and knowing the numbers. She can be reached directly at 415-596-2729.

How Do We Find Deals?

Marketing! We’ve got systems in places for various marketing channels and we’ve gotten to a point where our marketing efforts gives us a steady stream of discounted properties to make available in our inventory. We find and acquire California real estate, then make those properties available to you at deeply discounted prices from the current market value.

How Do We Work?

All of the properties that we showcase here on OffMarketInvesting.com are properties that either Mrs Property Solutions or Max Net Homes have under contract and are working together to close. Our contract is assignable and once we have vetted and picked the right buyer for the property, we will create an assignment agreement and open escrow.

What Can You Expect When You Work With Us?

Honest business! We follow through on what we say we will do and are happy to make any accommodations that we can to reach a successful closing. Our first priority will always be to the seller and making sure we are following through on the commitments we made to them when we first structured the deal, but right there with it is creating lasting partnerships with the buyer’s that buy our properties – because we would love nothing more than for you to keep buying from us again and again.

Meet Yasir.

Yasir is the 3rd link that is instrumental to our success. He helps to keep the deal flow moving and is in the know about all aspects of the business. If you have any questions about a specific deal or would like to ask any questions, he is an excellent resource and can be reached at hello@offmarketinvesting.com

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