I have an awesome new property available that’s at a great price point! It’s in a great area of South Los Angeles and the house is on a corner lot right across the street from a park! I have a feeling this property will probably go fast so please let me know if you have any interest. Here is all the important details about the property:

5701 2nd Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043

2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom / 693 square ft / 2,824 lot size
*Records online will show that it’s a 1 bedroom, but there are two. Seller doesn’t know why it’s showing that way, it was that way when they bought it in the 90’s and it doesn’t seem to be an addition.

Asking $265k

Rehab $35k

ARV $385k

5748 S. Van Ness Ave sold on 7/30/19 for $365k
6567 5th Ave sold on 7/3/19 for $350k
5113 3rd Ave sold on 6/12/19 for $435k
1711 W. 60th St on 7/18/19 for $416k
  • must close by October 4th
  • sellers (who currently live in the house) are moving out of the country and need the funds from this sale to pay for the move, so I have agreed to let them stay in the house until October 18th, 2 weeks after closing while they set up and pay for the move. They have agreed to leave behind $15k of net proceeds with escrow until vacancy is confirmed.
  • buyer to pay for the sellers closing costs
  • inspection will be this Friday, September 13th, please RSVP for time.
  • I am the contract holder, and will be assigning my rights to a new buyer. My fee is included already.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! Have a blessed day



Cristina Ortega

Mrs. Property Solutions